When you blow a load on a girls back after fucking her doggystyle and refuse to help her clean it off so she is forced to walk awkwardly to the bathroom to clean it herself.
Bro, I totally gave Brittney the walk of shame treatment last night and laughed my ass off while she hobbled to the bathroom to clean up.
by FilthyMan69 May 30, 2007
When you get voted off a TV gameshow and to walk someplace with everyone looking at you. They usually play dramatic music during this. Good examples of walks of shame are on The Weakest Link.
Anne Robinson: You are the weakest link. Goodbye.
Bob: SCREW YOU ALL! *roundhouse kicks contestants who voted him out in the face*
by Kay March 20, 2004
To lose a football game wager and then having to walk around a room packed with your co-workers who rooted for the other team while you rub your ass and state loudly how badly you and your team's asses were kicked. As you make your way around the room, your co-workers recount plays in the game during which your team did poorly.
Ramon's team, the Steelers, lost to the Baltimopre Ravens, so Ramon had to do the Walk of Shame in the conference room in front of all the people he boasted to that the Steelers would win.
by RelevantMan January 06, 2005
the walk home from chris keller's house, after getting it on while you were drunk
hey, my names b davis and i got really drunk last night, oh jesus where am i? oh jesus im at chris keller's house, i guess i have to do the walk of shame when i leave!
by e blase November 30, 2005

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