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The walk you take past other people in a public bathroom after you've performed a #2 and made a big stink.
John emerged from the stall and took the walk of shame to the sink before exiting the newly smelly bathroom
by zimaman July 25, 2004
Walking on foot through a "cruisy" area - one known as a locale for picking up anonymous sexual partners for short encounters, like a public park, a hotel, or a vendor of pornographic material.
(two gay men)
"Girl, I was at the Habana Inn last night, and you shoulda been there. There was Travis, doing the Walk of Shame, looking for some random dick. Honey, it was tragic."

"But, if you were at the Habana Inn, wouldn't you have been on the Walk of Shame, too?"

"Bitch, please. I was just, uh, I just needed to um... use a pay phone..."
by starstattootoo March 23, 2004
Refers to the posture, movement, and/or countenence of a person--particulary while entering or exiting a room--after being royally humiliated or exposed in some shameful way.

Note: Although the "walk of shame" may be obvserved visually, it is more of an implied understanding between the shamed person and those aware of the action or situation that was exposed.
Having seen the video in which we captured her naked in the shower (with another girl), wherein the camera zoomed in on her naughty bits SEVERAL times, our dear friend did the "Walk of Shame" for weeks.
by Girl4Girl April 07, 2006
A journey to an illicit 24-hour off-license to purchase additional booze made at a time when legal piss-shops are closed and sensible people are tucked up in bed.
"Ah shit," John said, "it's 3am and we're out of whisky. Who's off to the World 'o' Booze?" "Not me," Tom replied, "I did the walk of shame last night."
by TJ November 20, 2003
drunk girls' shuffle
Chico State Chapter of AX
by boomer June 09, 2001
Origin - "Wayne" from Saturday Night Live's "Wayne's World". He was embarrassed that his Mom was taking Aerosmith on a tour of their house, i.e. "the walk of shame".
Oh no! Mom's taking Steven Tyler on a tour of the house. The walk of shame!
by Arielemc June 28, 2004
It is the morning after you have slept with a pig and have to leave her place and walk out and be seen by all.
Last night was rough, I had to do the walk of shame through the dorm
by Faceman August 27, 2002