taking a nasty smelly shit in a public washroom and coming out of the stall and seeing other people in the bathroom and you have to walk by them
by brownboy June 27, 2003
When the only way to get McDonalds is to go through the drive through, but you don't have a car. Hence you have to queue up in line with the cars and just stand there waiting for your food.
Popularized in Australia, particularily Sunnybank where late night gamers are forced to take the walk of shame in order to get their McDonalds fix.
"Man i was so hungry while playing at CG...i had to take the walk of shame"
"Oh no not the walk of shame, did the people in cars behind you revv their engines?"
by Whytie December 08, 2005
to have a escort/hooker come to your hotel room after the hotel stops letting guest up the elevators on their own. You have to go down to the lobby and meet your "niece" and walk her past everyone in the lobby in the early morning to the elevators, hence the walk of shame. Mostly used in Las Vegas
I was so horny last night I resorted to calling a hooker but it was past 1am and the Bellagio only lets hotel guests up the elevators at this time. I had to go down to the lobby pick up the hooker and make the walk of shame back to the elevators.
by slave June 25, 2003
The adjustment to one's gait the day after rough anal intercourse due to the intense anal friction of the night before. Usaully noticable from a great distance.
"She looks bowlegged!"
"No, that's just the walk of shame"
by K-Rock March 09, 2004
The trip from the stall to the sink, then out to the hall after taking a monster dump.
After he took the walk of shame, no one talked to Maurice for a week.
by john_lee December 09, 2003
Being escorted off the premises when you've been fired from a job because they're afraid you'll go off.
"Did you see him taking the walk of shame with security?
by PkTechGirl December 07, 2003
The last (one too many) time you go for food at an all-you-can-eat buffet even though you're full.
I'm walking the walk of shame.
by lancepowerstance June 11, 2008
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