Term made up by guys who can't get laid to belittle people who actually do
"Did you see Suzy on her Walk of Shame?"
-"Dude, you seriously need to grow up. Don't be mad because she got laid and you're a 22 year old virgin"
by EricTheDread July 07, 2014
Occurs at amusement parks when a guest doesn't fit on a ride, usually a popular roller coaster with a long wait time.
Damn, look at that fatty, he couldn't fit on the roller coaster and has to take the walk of shame!
by Bubba Gump !!!! February 26, 2008
The walk of someone who has attempted to shoot a ball shaped object such as a can into the garbage and missed. Can be accompanied by ooing and laughing by spectators as the failed baller walks over to the piece of garbage and places it in the bin.
(jeff shoots a soda can at the garbage, which bounces off onto the ground)
nicole: ooo, that was terrible.
mike: take the walk of shame, man. get some skills.
by lymegreen19 September 08, 2011
Leaving a the stall in the bathroom after taking a massive, foul smelling shit. Usually accompanied by dirty looks, overused poop jokes, and extreme embarrassment.
Office Guy 1: Why is Jerry's face so red?
Office Guy 2: He had those greasy mystery-meat tacos and deviled eggs for lunch and spent almost 2 hours in the bathroom. I heard he had to take the Walk of Shame in front of our boss.
Office Guy 1: Poor Guy. It'll take weeks for him to regain his self esteem.
by exprodingubebe January 06, 2013
When you walk in any direction to any destination while doing or showing something shameful.
Taylor is taking the walk of shame because she is icing that hickey on her neck from last night while walking to her room.
by Traumatized Roomie April 17, 2013
The moment when you walk across the class to the trashcan, after being totally caught for chewing gum.
Teacher: "Tony, throw your gum away."
Tony: (Walks to trash can, *with head down)
Student: "Tsk Tsk Tsk, someone on the Walk of Shame again.."
by FolleseFever December 19, 2011
When you take a big shit in a public restroom, and you forget to give other patrons a courtesy flush, and it stinks up the whole restroom. When you walk out of the stall, it is refered to as the walk of shame because all the other patrons are pissed at you for the stench they had to endure.
James walked out of stall after pinching that floater, but he soon saw himself doing the dreaded walk of shame.
by Colin Treafdggg September 26, 2006

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