the walk in the morning after, back to the place you left your car because you drove to the party sober and left drunk. it is lame because if your college campus is really big, the hungover walk is really lame
Friend: "It's really cold tonight, do you want to drive?"
You: "Sure"
Friend: "143!"

*next day, walking in the cold morning back to get your car*

You: wow... I'm doing the walk of lame
by Jmizzle and MZing March 04, 2011
Top Definition
when you pass out somewhere and have to walk home in last night's clothes looking like you shacked up with someone when in actuality you slept alone in a puddle of your own vomit.
"That's last night's dress. You doing the walk of shame?"
"More like the walk of lame-- I passed out in the frat house bathroom alone."
by jpatt December 24, 2004
Pulling an all-nighter and walking to your first class the next morning straight from the library.
Adam spent the entire night at the library studying for a mid-term he was going to fail and took the walk of lame to his 8 am class.
by amoose October 25, 2009
In what otherwise would have been a walk of shame, the individuals are instead visibly pissed because not only are they late for meetings, they were subjected to drunksitting or cuddle-only relations the night before.
"Last night was awesome man!"
"You can't hide it bro, that was a walk of lame at best."
by AnInterestedObserver September 23, 2011
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