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In the morning, after a guy fucks a hot bitch, he walks home feeling proud of his accomplishment.
"The girl was like, 'But I love you,' and I was like 'Laaate.' Then I took the walk of fame home because I hit that shit up good.
by Jesus August 05, 2003
When a girl walks back from a guy's dorm room in the wee hours of the morning completely intact. The guy in question is usually a platonic friend.
She did a Walk of Fame back from her platonic guy friend's dorm room at 5 in the morning after having only played Halo with him. She even waved good morning to the cops that she passed on her way back to her dorm.
by LUchica14 May 02, 2011
The initial journey taken to a party or other miscellaneous house celebration, as opposed to the trudge back home the following morning.
"My toga and bowling shoes were pretty pimpin' on the walk of fame to the Frat Party, but I looked like a Renaissance faggot walking home in the morning".

"True, but a backpack with a change of clothes would've drawn the attention of the cops".
by wilkkliw October 15, 2010

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