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an easy job, or a job that poses no difficulty
I aced the math exam, it was like a walk in the park.
by Mostafa Nada October 24, 2005
To simultaneously masturbate with your partner and watch each other at the same time.
After a long day working at the office, I came home and my girlfriend and I took a walk in the park.
by TWWACG January 03, 2015
Disciplinary action. When an worker gets sent home without pay
John got a walk in the park today for coming to work drunk.
by Radarsat_guy August 12, 2010
From vietnam re: patrols, ambushes etc. usually hazardous.
"Ahhh, shit, not another walk in the park...we just got back from the last one.
by pikkil November 11, 2009
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