a very big pussy, huge hole, like a walk in refridgerator
she has a walk in pussy
by goose is loose April 25, 2007
Top Definition
Walk-in-pussy : Noun
Pronounciation : (walk-en-puss-ee)

Definitions :
1. A large vagina.
2. A vagina that is deeper and wider than average.
3. A vagina that has greater internal volume than most men are used to having intercourse with.
4. A big pussy.

Ways to tell if a woman has a walk-in-pussy :
1. You can clearly see the space in between the walls when she's bent over in doggy style. Before, during and after sexual intercourse.
2. These types of pussy tend to queef more.
3. The women who have these larger vaginas tend to not moan or scream as much. Many can be totally silent throughout the entire intercourse.
4. These types of women appear to handle rougher sex better than average.

Origin of the term :
The term comes from the fact that some womens vaginas are so large. That the man literally can go back inside her using only his hips to direct his penis into her vagina and start thrusting again. Hence, walking into her pussy = Walk-in-pussy.

Synonyms : Larger pussy, big pussy, giant cunt, mega-cunt, bucket pussy, wide set vagina, open pussy, cavernous nether regions, large cunt, "loose" pussy.

Antonyms : Snatch, smaller pussy, kung fu grip, vice grip, small pussy, pussy hug, kegels sex, tight pussy, petite pussy, kegelkunt.

Type in "ebony doggystyle", "ebony wife doggystyled" or "black girlfriend rammed" on xnxx. You'll see. ;-)
Malcolm : "So did you get with that sexy milf chick at the party?"

Nathan : "Hell yeah dude. She was awesome."

Malcolm : "So was she experienced? You know how those cougar types are."

Nathan : "Oh fuck yes. Very experienced and had that walk-in-pussy."

Malcolm : "THE FUCK? You serious???"

Nathan : "Hell yeah! Queefs and everything. Plus she sucked me off real good. I ended up bustin' twice in like an hour. Crazy shit!"

Malcolm : "DAAAAMN dude! Nice!"
by Black King X April 16, 2014
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