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1. The population that frequents wal-mart across the country.
2. any rude, obnoxious, barefoot, rednecked, gap-toothed, no-driving, uninsured, uneducated, uncivilized, slipper-wearing, wife-beating, Bud-chugging mongoloid seen in Wal-Mart or in Wal-Mart's parking lot.
I hate going grocery shopping. There are wal-tards everywhere!
I almost ran over a wal-tard on their cell phone..I fucking hate wal-mart!
by Irate Consumer December 21, 2006
14 8
A person who has lost the ability to reason, be courteous to those around them, perform shopping tasks in a timely manner, share aisles of stores with others, wash themselves or their children. The Waltard can be found wandering Walmarts aimlessly.

Latin name: Walmartius Tardilis
All I wanted was laundry detergent and I ended up being at the Walmart for two hours because the Waltards trapped me in an aisle with their carts and screaming children.
by Walyt June 07, 2009
12 2
Term used to describe any high-functioning-retard that may be found working in your local Walmart.
The Waltard stocking shelves was drooling all over the potato chips.
by Codacrawford July 01, 2010
2 1