a socialy awkward kid who has a long nose Who nobody likes, but stills fallows the group and tryies to invite him self every where, the walrus is also to scared to eat by him self.
that kid is a walrus ahr ahr ahr
by Albert hall man March 02, 2008
The area between the anus and the testicles. Is it part of the ass, or is it part of the sack?
Oooh, she just kicked him in the walrus!
by scottie ballz May 29, 2007
a word used rather excessivly by a certain lucas nathan
see definiton of gergis
by mickey tee April 01, 2003
A cone that has been successfully stuck into a roof.

See also coning
I walrused the roof at Super A's cereal aisle.
You've been walrused!
by I got no pants April 21, 2003
While getting head from a girl, punch her in the stomach as you are cumming, so it will come out of her nose and look like tusks.
Phil tried to beat me up after I gave his girlfriend a Walrus.
by John January 14, 2005
After oral sex, when the woman or still has the semen in his or her mouth, you cover up the mouth, punch the participant in the stomach, and the Walrus is revealed. With the mouth covered, the semen must come out of the nose, giving the appearance of Walrus Tusks.
n. I was going to hate-fuck her, but instead I gave her a Walrus.
by P Gibby November 29, 2004
another name for ratkid

/me looks for WALRUS
by ELEETKRODE April 02, 2003

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