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A cone that has been successfully stuck into a roof.

See also coning
I walrused the roof at Super A's cereal aisle.
You've been walrused!
by I got no pants April 21, 2003
While getting head from a girl, punch her in the stomach as you are cumming, so it will come out of her nose and look like tusks.
Phil tried to beat me up after I gave his girlfriend a Walrus.
by John January 14, 2005
A lewd sexual act which involves a female giving oral sex. Once the male ejaculates and the female swallows, the male quickly chops the female on the back of the neck, and two seamen "tusks" come out of her nose.
She said she was tired of oral sex, so i livened the night up by slipping her a walrus.
by daniel haddad July 21, 2006
After oral sex, when the woman or still has the semen in his or her mouth, you cover up the mouth, punch the participant in the stomach, and the Walrus is revealed. With the mouth covered, the semen must come out of the nose, giving the appearance of Walrus Tusks.
n. I was going to hate-fuck her, but instead I gave her a Walrus.
by P Gibby November 29, 2004
A boasting wanker, especially about money or supposed sexual prowess. From the nickname walrus applied to Joff Ennis, from the walrus-like rolls of fat on the back of his neck.
Walrus: Im so ace and ive just fucked 87 birds up the arse blah blah.....
Me: Shut up u fuckin walrus.
by oracle March 12, 2004
another name for ratkid

/me looks for WALRUS
by ELEETKRODE April 02, 2003
When a guy cums in a woman's mouth and then pinches her nose so she cannot breathe. This leaves her no choice but to swallow or spit it out. Thus creating the bloated cheek look of a walrus.
by Ann March 23, 2003