To jump onto someone or something, similar to a belly-flop.
Kristy walrused Tara's couch and broke one of the legs
by CDSKRP May 14, 2008
To put a tooter in each nostril and inhale (insert substance of choice) simultaneously.

Usually performed in small groups with large quantities of illicit, insufflable substances.
"Dude, walrus the mirror."
by Mobile Lek April 14, 2008
A term denoting any and all 16-year old boys with wrinkly faces, who are consistently encased in some form of cast, and who overuse plural words to an extreme. their parents are cool boomers, but have a tendency to be hovercraft parents

also responds to Poo, Poo-Pie (like banana cream), or Blue Eyes.
1: hey we're having a party on saturday. can you go?
Reece: no, i have a tennis tourney.
1: but it's at night.
Reece: well, i have to study for all my AP classes.
1 (to 2): Jeez, reece is being such a walrus.
2: omg, ino. vampires leave their houses more often.
1: hah 2tru
by Jordan Dylan Merkin March 19, 2008
A female whom has performed/performs fellatio on two men simultaneously.
What a hoe, I think she walrused those guys the other night.
by showcasez August 28, 2010
A person who engages in the act of walrusing

A douchebag
"You are such a fucking walrus, go sharpen your tusks!"
by Rab1dSmurf May 04, 2010
to flop onto the ground, usually a beach and lie there lazily
He's pulling a walrus on the beach.
by Verius November 04, 2009
Anyone named Olivia, who sits around on their fat ass all day at the pool, but never swims. And if they ever do swim, people sit on them and laugh at how fat the fricking walrus is.
(Sitting on the Walrus's head in the pool)

"Silly Walrus, you don't need air! Air is for people!"
by jazzy12345xox June 23, 2009

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