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To put a tooter in each nostril and inhale (insert substance of choice) simultaneously.

Usually performed in small groups with large quantities of illicit, insufflable substances.
"Dude, walrus the mirror."
by Mobile Lek April 14, 2008
to flop onto the ground, usually a beach and lie there lazily
He's pulling a walrus on the beach.
by Verius November 04, 2009
Anyone named Olivia, who sits around on their fat ass all day at the pool, but never swims. And if they ever do swim, people sit on them and laugh at how fat the fricking walrus is.
(Sitting on the Walrus's head in the pool)

"Silly Walrus, you don't need air! Air is for people!"
by jazzy12345xox June 23, 2009
To steal rushing touchdowns in football, usually associated with Goal line backs.
A)LenDale White rushed for 10 yards on 9 carries, Walrusing two touchdowns from Chris Johnson.

B)Tim Tebow sets up to pass, fakes, and takes off Walrusing his way for a touchdown
by TABHerek January 08, 2009
A large creature which resides in Seaforth, Merseyside. The Walrus,or less commonly known name 'Walmart' tends to wear Doc Marten boots and has a strangely squeaky sound to it when it makes noises. In most cases when aggitated; the walrus will run like a tit and make a rather amusing face. Though the walrus doesn't look threatening, beware of it's footwear; as that is it's only defence when under threat. In recent weeks, the Walrus has began to wear a sort of black hand garment in the cold winter months. And yes, as you may have guessed - it does make him a pussy.
"I smacked the Walrus and it ran like an idiot and everybody laughed."
by Kestrel Soup November 27, 2008
Adjective. To Walrus a person, they must be laying down either on their back or stomach. The action of "Walrusing" is to leap onto the victim, landing on your stomach. This is similar to a bellyflop... except onto a person.

It is named "walrus" because Walruses lay on their stomachs pretty much all the time.
"Me and Jen were laying on her bed when suddenly she walrused me! She laughed because I made a weird noise due to the lack of breathing that I could do."
by freepeople October 27, 2008
Walrus is the crunkest cereal in da hood, some think of it as a narcotic due to it's addictive flavor and the fact that its main consumers are crackheads. Like most ghetto-ass products, Walrus comes in a huge plastic bag, Fuck boxes. Walrus can be eaten with cereal, by hand, snorted, or injected. When you refer to Walrus, be sure to just say Walrus, no extras. You can find Walrus in your local Brookshires grocery store marked "Cocoa Crisprice."

P.S.- Walrus is strictly for ballas and crackheads, so if you is a weak ass nigga, this shit will fuck you up.
John: Hey man what are you eating? is that cereal?
by Walrus Lover May 15, 2008