A stupid girl who needs to getta life up in here!
Damnn! What is up with her! Walrus!

What a hermit walrus!
by cupcakemeself9239 May 31, 2011
Verb: To Walrus: To laze around like a walrus, preferably lying down as a walrus does on the beach.
I'm too tired to go out today, think i'm just going to have a walrus day at home; I'm just going to walrus around today.
by Deanna Walsh August 16, 2007
used to describe a stupid,fat,ugly,pampered person. Who constantly whines,cribs,bitches,complains,cries,eats.
*stupid,fat,ugly,pampered person walks into a bar*

dude number1- Whoa look at that

dude number2-haha whatta fuckin Walrus.
by return to serenity May 08, 2010
The act act of fat girl deepthroating a guy while laying down because she is too fat to kneel. Generally, the same sounds are made with the animal and the act.
"Did you hook up with that fat chick that night?"
"Yeah, her fat ass gave me a walrus."
see penguin
by theTwitchyPolak January 23, 2010
When recieving oral sex from a girl you cum in her mouth and quickly cover it before you punch her in the stomach, causing the jism to spew out her nose creating tusks and make groaning walrus-like noises.
She was so impressed by the length of her new tusks that she demanded the walrus on a daily basis.
by Chris February 08, 2005
A much older male seeking physical and/or emotional relations of a more permanent nature with younger women.

When an old pervert preys upon the younger women
His mother is a Cougar, always preferring younger men. That older man is a Walrus, the younger the better for him, ( as long as they are of legal age )
by WishBone98 November 03, 2009
the act of sneaking up behind someone and wiping your hand down their face while exclaiming, "Walrus!"
1. Dude, he just got walrus'd 4 times!

2. He wasn't even expecting that walrus.

3. ok, you go to the right and I'll go to the left, and we'll both walrus him at the same time!
by aiso21 May 31, 2010

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