1) A large mammal with the second largest penis in the world. Spends most of its time in the ocean or sunning itself

2) Human known to wake up making incoherent sounds mixed with scratching of chest hair to atract potential mates
- "Did you see that walrus!"
- "How could I not...he took up the whole couch!"
by Seaworld September 08, 2007
The awkward unnamed part of the face above the lip and below the nose that extends downward, in a way that a walrus mustache would.
I really wish I had a splashguard for my Nalgene because every time I drink from it, I spill water down my walrus. -JPhil

My splashguard fell in my Nalgene and I had to drink the water without it, resulting in my walrus being soaked. But the splashguard was like a prize.

You have water on your walrus.

My walrus itches.

Does Sharky have a walrus?

I wanted to go geocaching, but I had to clean my walrus first.

I really wish my walrus wasn't so sunburnt.

Are you questioning my walrus?
by Voyageur 1 July 30, 2011
To put two dildos in one's mouth and penetrate someone's anus.
I just did the walrus on Timmy last night.
by DMJohnson December 31, 2014
Basically a mega powerful underwater goat. It sits around all day gathering energy, until it suddenly jumps into the water and goes on a rampage in which it rapes everyone within a few miles.
Hey, what's that coming towards us?

by Kirbytroid April 20, 2011
You are about to smoke up at a party when one person begins to smoke two joints simultaneously giving the effect of a walrus. A loud "groooouugggg" sound is released on the exhale. This is valid with other smoking paraphernalia.
Dude we walrused those joints so hard last night.
Dude thats the biggest walrus I've ever seen!
Damn man, you're walrusing. You got that both shit in there.
by John "Legend" Peterson September 08, 2010
The person with a wet mouth that passes the blunt with a moist tip
*gets blunt*
"Ay! Who was the walrus who got the blunt all clammy man!"
by Ayo December 30, 2014
A Walrus is a strange creature, it lives in the state of Maine in the US. The Walrus kind (Plural is Walri) are somewhat short, have freckles, contain fair amounts of blubber, and wear black hoodies. Always. Their black hoodies act as Walrus Armor, and protect them from everything but Walrus Powder, which can only be formed using a secret formula involving eraser shavings. Walrus Powder is the only known way to defeat a walrus.

Walri used to cover the entire Sandwich Islands, eating their Walri sandwiches and growing lots of blubber. Walri like growing blubber. Then the British invaded the Sandwich Islands, forcing all the Walrus kind to get on their Walri boats and attempt to make for new land. Except the Walri grew to much blubber and all their boats sank, except for one lonely Walrus who made his way to small town of Lebanon, ME, where he resides today.
Did you see that walrus? You can can distinguish it from a human by its freckles, black armor, and blubber!
by neveragainfool October 27, 2014

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