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A larger yard sale.
My dad stops for every wal mart in search of a good deal.
by Mantis November 10, 2003
223 67
1. The source of all evil
2. The reason our economy will never be the same again
Friend: Hey wanna go to walmart?
You: That's the reason my father lost his job and we're so poor, go kill yourself
by HockeyUSA27 November 20, 2005
208 54
A bad place to be employed. An insult.
You are so stupid, you have a job at Wal-Mart.
by Thomas Slatin February 22, 2004
201 66
A place where 500 pound lardo's come to ride around on scooter's ich their asses and buy junk food and ride around the store all day looking at stuff because they have nothing better to do.
Hey sir, could you get me 10 bags of pork groins.
by JOHN December 13, 2003
199 78
The world's largest (and cheapest) retail chain. To keep its costs low, this place has shitloads of security cameras, security alarms, and a "restricted item list" (super glue, razor blades, etc.). Wal-Mart doesn't give a fuck if your car gets damaged by a shopping cart. Also note that this place doesn't sell CDs with "Parental Advisory" stickers on them.
I went to Wal-Mart today and was watched by hundreds of security cameras. I bought a Korn CD (edited version) and replacement heads for my Norelco electric shaver, which showed up as a "restricted item" at the checkout. The alarms beeped as I left the store because the dumb-ass cashier didn't deactivate the security device on my Korn CD. The side mirror of my car fell off because it was hit by a shopping cart. The mother-fucker at the service desk said, "We are not liable for vehicle damage caused by carts."
by Your Grandpa November 28, 2004
188 72
Basically- The Essence of Evil.
Walmart should have their asses sued off
by Whalee June 11, 2005
152 47
A place where idiots like to shop and complain.
Hi sir this is the forth time all my fish have died from here. Would you like your money back? No i want to get more fish.
by JOHN December 13, 2003
173 70