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People who, instead of staying at a campground like normal people, park their camper in a walmart parking lot, usually on the way back from a long trip, or because they are cheap.
Those damn walmart-campers stole our parking spot again...
by urban-porn-stealer November 21, 2010

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people, particularly males between the ages between 20 and 30, that camp outside of wal marts or other stores so they can get the copy of Halo 3 before anyone else. usualy has no life except for video games, but there are exceptions. never mind, there aren't.
Alex: Hey, are any of you guys wal mart campers?

Ben: I'm not, my mom wont let me. I'm goin to watch the Halo 3 special on G4 though

Alex: Aw, me too. lucky wal mart campers, stupid school.
by aleio16 September 13, 2007