a wake over is the opposite of a sleepover, instead of going to a friend's to sleep you simply stay awake the whole time.
Hillary:Hey, wanna come over for a wake over?
Stephanie: sure just don't tell my mom, she hates when i stay up.
#wakeover #stay wake #allnighter #all nighter #insomnia
by makemebad June 23, 2009
Top Definition
A sleepover that people attend with intentions of staying awake the entire time, hence the name "wake"over. Additionally, the people who fall asleep are subject to pranks and really have no right to protest because they didn't follow the only rule.
Everyone ignored John's anger about how we drew a penis on his face while he was sleeping at the wakeover.
#wakeover #wake over #sleepover #sleep over #awakeover #awake over
by stupidfingahs April 10, 2008
When you begin to get a hangover, while your awake as you've been awake/drinking for so long
"Shit, it's 5am, im getting a wakeover"

Bro 1: "You look terrible!"

Bro 2: "Yeh, I've got a wakeover"
#hangover #drink #beer #alcohol #club
by thechubbychaser June 19, 2011
Excessive grogginess, tiredness, or general irritability after staying up very late. Often experienced by college students during exams.
Bob was up all night studying for his final and ended up falling asleep with a wakeover.
#tired #groggy #irritable #moody #headache
by Mousestudent July 16, 2010
Girls party or social event between the ages of 11-16 where you stay over for the night at a friend's house. It usually involves getting to sleep well past midnight with large quantities of junk food followed by profound moodiness the following day due to sleep deprivation
Hannah was really miserable on Sunday. I think it was because she had very little sleep at Holly's Wake Over
#sleep over #teenager #party #moody #sleep
by Rags 64 November 15, 2010
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