a very large dick

dick - penis
damnnn wat a big wak (dick)
by Shiggy Wilkinson July 10, 2008
Used for indicating a fact that everyone knows, literally: "We All Know"
"Wak u're gay"

"Ur girl pissed you off and wak"
by 1MarKK1 August 05, 2008
husband who is controlled by not one emotion but all emotions at once and cannot control any of them until all hell has broke loose and cannot be put together again, Wack,Wack-Job,Wack-Bastard
Rob,crazy,uncontrolled actions, words and emotions, childlike, unintelligent, immature
example: You are so Wak, Wak, Wak when you can't control your words and actions like that!
by doodler August 19, 2006
A misspelling of "wack".
It's mad wack to misspell "wack" as "wak".
by jimmyjjames December 08, 2005
something that is really awsome

something that is totally off the chain

something that is fucked up
dam! see that car wreck? that was totally wak

did you see that asshole? he grabbed that chics fuckin tits, he is one wak fucker
by Joe Clabough February 22, 2005
Another word for cock
John certainly has no wak.

Shut the hell up you wak licker!
by Cerpin Taxxt October 28, 2006
Niel mother fuckin Stephens, biatch. Real name no gimmicks.
yo wosson homeslice, totally wak. Issit.
by Niel Stephens March 22, 2004
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