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graff it up next to shit graffiti
your shit is wak, thats a wak tag
by Jacob.D June 24, 2004
20 21
super weird, awful and/or messed up
(After viewing a dead body on the sidewalk)
"That's mad wak yo!"
by J-Sho October 15, 2007
63 44
1. Super weird/awful/crazy/mad effed up.

(Sometimes misspelled as "wack" by those who don't know better)
You are totally WAK for thinking George Bush is cool.


That's mad wak, yo!
by J-Sho October 10, 2007
27 19
Bad musicians, usually featured on VH1's "Top 40 Worst Songs" episodes.
Vanilla Ice:
"ice ice baby
Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle
Dance go rush to the speaker that booms
I'm killing your brain like a poisonous mushroom"
by PrittyLady88 January 10, 2005
35 28
When a situation is really dumb and doesn't make sense.... just plain stupid...
My professors are wak, because they don't know what wak means.
by bass4urface October 18, 2011
5 6
Acronym for White Ass Kid. Someone who may suffer frequent identity crises apparent in his mannerism or dress. Underneath it all, he is still a lame white ass kid from the burbs trying desperately to be anybody but himself.
guy 1: "Man, look at that bitch. He's wearing pink polo with the collar popped."
guy 2: "No shit, yesterday he was in a full camo fit."
guy 3: "He had on a tall-tee and jnco's the other day. That is one lame wak."
by Nicholas Johnson January 29, 2006
10 14
used when describing a woman to your friends, when you don't want to make her sound too hot but at the same time not ugly, then she is "Worth A Knob" WAK.
DAMN! That chick is WAK!
by Draconus87 August 03, 2009
4 9