The southern way or saying "weiner"
Guy1: So what do you think of my wainer Paul?
Guy2: Well I'd say its good enough to enter the county fair
#southern #weiner #county #fair #wainer
by kreeves January 11, 2012
Top Definition
originated from somebody with the sirname of wain.

now it just means they look dozy act a bit stupidly and may even have a cockzipilis

also to be a wainer you need to be known for making a noise like UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH in a load deep voice (try it now)
Nick: hi wainer


Nick: oh so the cockzipilis is still bad then
#cockzipilis #ermm #i dont know what else #not much else #uhhhhhhhhhh
by the mighty zipilis July 10, 2008
To Wainer someone is to make them better looking or better endowed.
We took Brian out and wainered him. Girls love him now.
#michael wainer #bd #13music #thirteen music #wainer #mike wainer #bayside
by Robert from Louies May 02, 2008
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