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-Person who refuses to listen to logic and fails beyond human measures.

- Often time trolls trade chat and makes his guild look bad.
- Never fails to show people just how terrible and unskilled they are
-Biggest NOOB ever!!
-Also very pushy, annoying and has no idea that no one likes them.
Paladin: "Hey, there is a hunter over there let's 3s with him!"
Priest: " Oh hell no man, that hunter is such a WAHTAKA!"

Person 1: " I'm soo good! I can beat anyone, and I know what to do!"
Person 2: "Dude, STFU! You are such a Wahtaka!"

Person 1: " Dude so is your mom!"
Person 2: " Well your mom is such a WAHTAKA!"
Person 1: "You dick!"

A feral cat mauled a young 13 year old boy in South Carolina today. When asked by reporters why the cat killed this boy, he had only one thing to say. " He was being a WAHTAKA! and didn't go LM and stayed at farm...."

Wahtaka:"hey man, can i get in those RBGs tonight?"
Battle Ground Leader: "umm idk, I think we are full."
Wahtaka:" But I'm good man, I will listen this time I promise."
BGL: "Nooo really I don't need a hunter."
Wahtaka: "Okay I will bring my resto! brb one sec logging over now!"
BGL: ....*thinks to himself* "Someone kill me now, before this wahtaka makes me kill my mother...."
by Mr.couch Z April 20, 2012
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