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Define wahsted(waHsted not wasted), means that it exceeds the common words to define intoxication. Intoxication stages begin with tipsy, drunk, wasted, shitfaced, and finally WAHSTED. Being wahsted may sometimes be difficult to realize. You're passed the point of puking(should have done that hours ago) and you survive passing out(means you never did)and you have no sensation what-so-ever meaning you're paralyzed. No one can really determine when they're experiencing the world of wahsted because too damn wahsted to know. Have you ever awaken to duct tape under your arm pits(OUCH!) and marker all over your face? Guesses that the person who performed the act was wahsted themselves especially when the design is very intricate and and looked tedious to create.
Damn look at Nick he's hella wahsted!!!
by Che and Bri June 26, 2004
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