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An exclamation-- noting great excitement.
I just got a 300% raise! WAHPAH!
by Serri November 13, 2004
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A Latino expression used when something awesome happens or when you're feeling good. It can also be used as a plain old word, like awesome
Father: I set the computer so you can't do any chatting without my secret password.

Son: let me guess, is it "WAHPAH!"?.

Father:..not anymore it ain't
#latin #latino #cuban #awesomesauce #sexy #gl #tasty
by Hauni June 18, 2008
means quick and fast but painful and hard to forget
like bruce lee or jackie chan's karate chop " Waaahpaaah"
by Mikki March 29, 2005
can be a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, and all that express joy, sadness, highness, a greating, a random sputer of randomness, everything (melissas and kierstens favorite word)
alexa our wahpahs ditched us

we so wahpahed you today Q

brenden and Q are wahpahed for eachother


your tobey, wahpah!

give me a piggy back ride john, wahpah!
by Kiersten March 23, 2005
What you ordah at Burgah King in Boston.
"I'd like a wahpah, fries, and a coke."
by jskelley714 May 25, 2005
1.a word used to express 'to whip'.
2. a word used to express nothing to say after an insult? like pronounced: 'to-shay'
3. a greeting

word used in an episode of Friends
1. "Your name is Toby! Wahpah! Go back to your plantation!"
2. "your ugly!" "wahpah!"
3. "WAHPAH!" "hello to you too"
by melissa!!! March 23, 2005
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