1) that guy from sacramento that drinks like a fish, passes out at your house only to wake up and piss all over. when confrunted with questions of said "mystery" puddle a wahoo will respond with a flurry of cuss words and unreconizable words, the most common: "fuck you you fucking cunts fuck this shit fuck you fuck her and fuck this place im out." followed by leaveing not too gracefully and returning multple time never remembering why and if in fact he left at all.
2) that guy from sacramento tha besides the first definition you still call to go drink with cause truble with all the while shouting "yop yop your mom" to any and every one you pass.
3) that guy mentioned in the first two definitions.
4) the friend you snort spilled beer off dirty bar tables with.
5) the kind of friend who you his interupt a perfect moon with a finger to poop shoot, just for laughs.
6) that guy
7) bitchaferd moraless

8) the living canvas passed out with his shoes on coverd in sharpee

9) of the genius homo hippius fuckeredupus
you: wahoo you pissed on my couch
wahoo: "fuck you you fucking cunts fuck this shit fuck you fuck her and fuck this place im out."
by bitchaferdnamer April 07, 2010
Top Definition
Nickname for the Virginia Cavaliers, coined after the fish. Referred to by Virginia fans as the 'Hoos often.
Let's go 'hoos!

Wahoo-wa, Wahoo-ray, hey, hey, UVA!
by letsgohoos May 11, 2005
1) an exclamation of joy, oftentimes replacing such words as yippee, yay, or hot damn.
1) wahoo! i got accepted into yale!
2) wahoo! that girl/guy has got a nice ass!
3) today is just full of wahoo.
by LINE February 15, 2003
To approach the alcohol isle calmly, grab a case of beer and run the hell out like there's no tomorrow.
Last night at the corner mart John went in to pull off a wahoo while I waited in the car, but a cop tackled him on the way out.
by Jon the Ton August 21, 2009
Old indian term meaing "wrong hole!!!".
"WAHOO" she screamed out when inadvertantly the wrong orifice was penetreted.
by Rat Bastard Jim September 19, 2011
someone that can drink twice their weight, can be turned into verb if you wahoo-ed last night ( drank to excess )
Hide the beer here come the wahoos!
by frida smith April 22, 2003
A University of Virginia student, faculty. Plural, a UVA team.
Did you catch the Wahoo game on ESPN?
We should invite him to Tim's party. After all, he's a Wahoo.
by DurtyNelly December 31, 2011
a board game played with marbles and dice, similar to the game sorry but made way before it. (and its better)
My family loves to play wahoo at all our family get togethers like Christmas and Thanksgiving.
by LisaPizza November 08, 2008
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