Radical hateful and extremist version of Islam founded in Saudi Arabia.
The Saudis are the largest funders of Whahabi schools around the world.
by DrWho August 21, 2004
Top Definition
Muslim that preaches Holy War.
"The towl head at 711 is a wahhabist undercover."
by extulas March 04, 2004
People who were with the reformer mohammad ibn abdulwahhab(1703-1791) whan he has started to make Reparation (correction) for the muslims in the Arabian Peninsula. His missionary work is called wahhabist(it is nothing but to let people apply the real islam as it is in prophet mohammed life), and the wahhabists do not want to be called by this name. This reform started to make a country which is Saudi Arabia. The purpose of this mission is to correct the mistakes in the 17th century which are:
1.worship graves and go arround it.
2.calling death people(unbelievable).

Mohammaed bin abdulwahhab has a great book which is being studied in saudi schools, called (ketab altawheed)=(ketab=book, tawheed=to believe that there is only one God to worship=against polytheism).. some people think that wahhabists are terrorists (They are really not terrorists).
Western person: Are you wahhabist.
wahhabist: no.
Western person:Are you Saudi?
Western person:Oooohh nooo get away from me. oh mam I'm scared.
by waleed July 07, 2004
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