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Hello, from caribbean talk. a greeting, when meeting people, you'd say 'wahgwan' as if to say whats good, you cool? what's ging on?
wahgwan bruv?
by D-TJ-L March 17, 2010
13 3
wot up?
wah' gwan man ?
by anonymous June 08, 2003
178 95
wats goin on - the original meaning comming from jamaica all the to london slang. Easy now.
wah gwan bruv? notin rude boy everyting cool.
by mr woolf August 24, 2006
146 89
What is going on with oneself?
"Wah Gwan wit cha bad self?"
by anonymous September 19, 2003
104 85
same shit like "wassaaa?" just from the country, where homies are called yardies;-)
wah gwaan rasta? wah'appen? where is me chalice?
by rude_boy December 06, 2003
53 77