A big baby, complainer, whiney little bitch, and over-all loser.
Sarah is being such a wah wah.
by Michael J June 19, 2006
When a person smokes a lot of pot and they start to hear wah wah wah repeatedly.
"Dude, you hear that? I got The Wah Wahs.
by fluke0383 January 28, 2010
an expression of sarcastic pity
Dr. Williams - Nick...u will neva walk again
Nick -(crys)
Joe -...wahwah
by YoUnG HeEb February 25, 2007
gay word made up by mariah
leo...you're a wahwah.
by m4riah July 10, 2008
when some poof crys
aww the little prick reidy is cryin wah wah
by wazz February 13, 2003

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