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When someone uses wah wah's to degrade other people's poorly executed jokes way too often. These people like to put down others since they have no self-esteem themselves. They usually aren't cute it kind of makes sense.
Johnny: was my joke funny?

Matt: wah wah

Johnny: dude, you can't be as funny as me...

Matt: wah wah

Johnny: you're such a wah wah abuser...

Matt: wah wah

Johnny: fuck you
by the cool guy 934828 February 21, 2010
7 1

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the guitar pedal wah wah is a cool effect, however some players use it more than their amps! (*cough*Kirk Hammett*cough)
Kirk: thats a cool rhythm section!

James : thanks do a solo!

*Kirk is so focused on the wah-wah pedal that he forgets to use his left hand*

Lars: whatta wah wah abuser
by JKS45636 June 29, 2009
14 2