The inside skin of your elbow.
Opposite side of the Wenis.
My Wagina is so crusty, I need some lotion for it.
by Furry Pancake March 17, 2009
A vagina that's so large, it has to be spelled with two v's that fuse to form a W
banging that wagina was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway
by Dom M May 31, 2011
A wide open vagina or a vagina that is wide open to the public so everyone gets a ride!
You know that new girl? She's like the town bicycle, where everyone gets a ride
She probably has a wagina. Probably more wide open than...well actually I don't know, nothing's more wide open than her legs
by Dsotm32 November 27, 2011
Elbow is to wenis as knee is to wagina. It is the posterior part of the knee.
When you kick someone in the wagina there knee will give out.
by Sir Archibald III Bartholomew March 11, 2010
A car that is especialy made for women.
by Tweetsornaut November 13, 2013
The flap of skin on your knee cap.
Her wagina was very dry.
by Alexxxa $ O's November 16, 2009
Similar to the Elbow(Wenis) The Wagina is the skin on the opposite side or back of the knee.
If you keep tickling me in going to pinch your Wagina.
by K-DizzleHizzle June 02, 2009

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