verb: 1) moving rapidly between positions, physical or otherwise.
2) making waffles (breakfast food) or a waffle shape.

noun: the markings on the bottom of a shoe, or on both flat sides of a waffle. The former is derived from the fact that Nike's original sole design was a result of the rubber being accidentally inserted into a waffle maker.
Nick's beat-up 19 year old truck waffled a bit on the edge of the ditch before it fell in and fucking exploded.

Four hundred people were killed in the Great Waffling of the summer of 1927, when an earthquake caused a batter factory in eastern California to spill its contents onto a grid of city streets in a 2-kilometer radius.

The waffling on my timbs left the bitch's ass with a stupid-looking mark for weeks.
by Hablacraja August 21, 2004
wof-uh l- ing- verb.

Standing near the waffle maker in a cafeteria and hitting on a sex interest who is making a waffle. It is a fool-proof method because, no matter how annoying or unwanted you are, they have to be there for three minutes.
Johnny needs a date to the dance, so he's been waffling all morning.
by nataliekayt November 19, 2007
talking around the
point, filling in time, or boring talk.
"We're continuously
waffling from the ridiculous to the sublime.".
by Brokenstars August 29, 2004
To add quantity to conversation/speeches/essays/anything like that rather than quality. Used a lot of the time in school to make it up to the minimum page requirement or in business presentations. Ie. Bullshitting on so nobody notices you have nothing to say.
Teacher: "check out this english paper... this kid is just waffling on"
by blex August 24, 2004
1. The act of making waffles.

2. The act of rapidly changing one's stated position on issues. Both major US political parties do this.
1. The Belgian chef spent the morning waffling.

2. Bush and Kerry spent the morning waffling.
by red_beard_neo August 24, 2004
Masturbating. Like, a lot.
I'm waffling myself now and a lot in general lately.
by Cooptastic January 22, 2016
"Did you hear Mike waffling that girl about how he served in the military?"
by Droxxy January 13, 2016
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