verb: 1) moving rapidly between positions, physical or otherwise.
2) making waffles (breakfast food) or a waffle shape.

noun: the markings on the bottom of a shoe, or on both flat sides of a waffle. The former is derived from the fact that Nike's original sole design was a result of the rubber being accidentally inserted into a waffle maker.
Nick's beat-up 19 year old truck waffled a bit on the edge of the ditch before it fell in and fucking exploded.

Four hundred people were killed in the Great Waffling of the summer of 1927, when an earthquake caused a batter factory in eastern California to spill its contents onto a grid of city streets in a 2-kilometer radius.

The waffling on my timbs left the bitch's ass with a stupid-looking mark for weeks.
by Hablacraja August 21, 2004
1 Going on at great lengths about a subject, and usualy being boring in the process.
1 ( That guy just keeps on waffling about biographies and stuff.)
by Wiggity-wack August 30, 2004
A technique of switching opinions on a subject in order to be better received by different audiences. Sometimes, however, people mistake a thoughtful reconsideration for waffling, an error that can lead to such detrimental effects as the re-election of W.
Yesterday Bobby said he liked J.Lo's ass but today he waffled and said it's an ugly bubble-butt.
by Fae August 28, 2004
While receiving a blow job, pull one's dick out of girls mouth, raise girl's head and proceed to slap her face with both hands simultaneously creating a waffle like impression on her face. Follow by releasing splooge on her face to serve as butter or syrup, whichever you prefer.
Leroy: What is wrong with that skeezer's face?
Tyrone: She must have received a severe waffling!
by T.O.W.M. February 21, 2008
To smack someone in the face with your penis.
Miranda loves waffling herself and others!
by Saundra Cites March 07, 2007
Stupidity at its climax.
"That movie was waffling."
by SpookyOne August 23, 2004
unable to decide on something; moving back and forth between two possible choices.
I'm waffling here, should I get pepporoni or sausage on my pizza?
by frozen August 29, 2004
Making waffles, I guess.
I was cooking waffles for my dog, therefore I was waffling.
by Moon Goat August 20, 2004

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