To be defeated/dominated by another in an amusing context
Jazzy got waffled
by Dunni October 27, 2003
Pregnant. Knocked up. As in, your 'eggo,' like the waffle brand is 'preggo,' meaning pregnant.
Dude, did Emily gain weight?
Didn't you hear? She's waffle'd up.
by Isamuffin February 12, 2011
to get really REALLY drunk - and you look like you're that drunk
We went out drinking last night. Justin was waffled!
by valintina4 August 15, 2005
For a male to totally and utterly dominate a female during a sexual act.
To sexually dominate a female in the briefiest amount of time between meeting and the act of sex.

To make it qualify as "Waffled" she must be a female who hasn't done any of the below acts with a guy whom she was romantically involved with, especially if they were together for a long time.
When a man has sex with a girl on the first night and does every despicable thing to her sexually that her ex hasn't done.

Dominating features are - facial ejaculation, anal penetration, tea bagging, abusive verbal profanity, having her repeat self humiliating statements such as, "I'm your slut! I'm your dirty little SLUT!" etc.

"What happened with that girl last night?"
"Son, I took it back to the crib and Waffled it!"
"Yea, had her doing all types of nasty shit!"
"LOL! What! - I can't beleive you hit!"
"Hey, I brought it out of her. What can I say?"

In other instances the term "IHopped" can be used in its place - as a pun in reference to the fact that IHop makes Waffles.
by Williepete January 02, 2008
A term which also stands for PWNED or OWNED. Created by a user known as Waffles on a site called PSPDS and made popular by Rekop. Added by B00F.
You just got fuckin WAFFLED!
I just waffled myself.
by B00F July 10, 2008
To be utterly and entirety fucked up beyond belief i.e. drunk, stoned, broken, etc
"Damn man did you see what happened to the bathroom in there?" "Yea the guy who puked was totally Waffled"
by Mutantstache October 16, 2011
The condition of a woman's bottom after a sadist with OCD has made first a perfect row of welts vertically, and then horizontally, using a riding crop. The appearance of this physical condition is not unlike a waffle with strawberry syrup. This effect is best on pale white skin or slightly tanned skin.
"While she did not enjoy it initially, once L.A. was a little over half-waffled, the warming heat spreading from the strokes of the crop spread far enough for her to really enjoy it."
by SMData December 26, 2011

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