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verb. to get your shirt signed by a band member
Dude, i got my shirt wafflestomped by the guitarist from Big D
by Button Hat January 09, 2011
1. To get the living shit beat out of you, especially by the Police.
2. A term used to describe the looser of a fight (Waffle Stomped).
That stupid ass decided to fight with the Police; not only did he get tazed, but he got waffle stomped too!
by Damn Dirty Ape May 20, 2007
Recieving the beating of a lifetime. Usually with high cleated shoes.
Matt got waffle stomped the other night by a jew.
by zero April 14, 2003
To crush an unopened horizontal beer can on the ground with foot, causing the alcohol to blast into anothers mouth/face/ENTIRE BODY
Hey Erik...Would you like to waffle stomp a beer?

Of Course Kyle, The indy 500 is a wonderful place to demonstrate a successful waffle stomp.

Oh Erik...Do you mind if I video tape this waffle stomp on my camcorder so we can re-view it in super slow-mo at my house repeatly at a later date?

No Drew...I think that this world needs to know what a waffle stomp is. Also, I think that it will be quite funny.

by Ingrown Naked Mallrat Jr. November 06, 2008