the female version of cockblocking
"Kelly kept HANGING AROUND when I was flirting with Mike, she was even jumping into our conversation! Like, hello, quit wafflestomping. You're a third wheel."
by samlover316 January 13, 2012
Recieving the beating of a lifetime. Usually with high cleated shoes.
Matt got waffle stomped the other night by a jew.
by zero April 14, 2003
1. To get the living shit beat out of you, especially by the Police.
2. A term used to describe the looser of a fight (Waffle Stomped).
That stupid ass decided to fight with the Police; not only did he get tazed, but he got waffle stomped too!
by Damn Dirty Ape May 20, 2007
To crush an unopened horizontal beer can on the ground with foot, causing the alcohol to blast into anothers mouth/face/ENTIRE BODY
Hey Erik...Would you like to waffle stomp a beer?

Of Course Kyle, The indy 500 is a wonderful place to demonstrate a successful waffle stomp.

Oh Erik...Do you mind if I video tape this waffle stomp on my camcorder so we can re-view it in super slow-mo at my house repeatly at a later date?

No Drew...I think that this world needs to know what a waffle stomp is. Also, I think that it will be quite funny.

by Ingrown Naked Mallrat Jr. November 06, 2008
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