The act of having sex with women having every major STD known. This can be achieved with one or multiple females. At the end of this act, one's wang will have the effect of Waffle House - DIRTY, potentially painful, and will have as many things added as the hashbrowns.
Man, I pulled a waffle house last night. My wang being "smothered," "covered," "chunked," and "capped" wasn't so bad, but it getting "topped with burt's chili" burns like hell. I think I need to go see a doctor.
by The Gersh October 05, 2005
to fart while spinning in circle, thereby maximizing the area that your fart covers.
Damn, Paul just waffle housed Larry.
by Jordan W. October 01, 2007
Your local Goth hangout.
seriously, there's always loads of goths in the Waffle House.
by foshizzle5 December 27, 2006
Otherwise know as WH. The Waffle House is a teenage hangout for teenagers in Springfield, Missouri. The true indie/intellectuals often go to the Waffle House in small groups. They usually only buy coffee, smoke cigarettes and talk amongst themselves. Crammed into a booth with their closest friends in the best way to spend their school or weekend nights. On occasion they order food, but rarely. It's a twist on beatniks going to coffee houses.
So, are we meeting up at Waffle House tonight?
by Cassandra Darling October 28, 2005
To get laid. Or to have sexual intercourse with a woman.
I got some Waffle House lastnight.
by Ghetto_Penguin February 01, 2005

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