a synonym for "faggot," but not specifically in reference to homosexuals. commonly used in situations in which inappropriate language may be, well inappropriate. Common in the D.C. area.
a group of guys is sitting around, when one member comments on another guy's "nice calves" and announces he is moving to san francisco. they response: "waffle! waffle! waffle...!"
by MrBERZERKER April 10, 2007
waffle: to hit some one, or to shag them.
Jim: Omg i totally waffled Bob last night!
Dave: You.. ..shagged Bob?
Jim: Sick bastard. Sick bastard.
by roz to the m July 21, 2006
1.A great word to yell out in online gaming. It often appears in games such as Terraworld Online. Warning: Repeated use of the word waffle on a website may result in banning. Can be combined to form ROFLAEW
Rolling on the floor laughing and eating waffles.
2. The best breakfast food ever, yet it may contain MSG. It tastes better with syrup. Similar to Pan Cake.
3. A slang term for testicle.
Jo Broadcasts: So, what do I do next?
Mark Broadcasts: TWAT!!!
Jesus Brodcasts: Waffle!
by Master Hogginsworth March 06, 2005
Term used for someone who is astheticly challenged. Comes from the word ugly and the Eggo waffle. Ugly > Uggo > Eggo > Waffle.
Your girlfriend is a real waffle, man.
by Jordan Ranson February 23, 2005
A verb describing something that is left to the imagination.
Waffle, waffled, waffling, waffles
"He's been waffling all day."
"They went out and waffled last night"
by Sam Swift October 09, 2004
The waffle-shaped bottom of a Red Wing (or other) workboot.
Don't make me put this size 13 waffle on your neck!
by Spot May 04, 2004
Large sagarajic ring from a gumball machine
Get that damn waffle away from me biznatch!
by Mike February 05, 2004
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