Appearance:Fried hair from straightening&dying;wear oversized hoop earrings,too much bronzer&oily eyeliner,glittery lip plumper;have shirts so tight you can see the outline of their belly button rings;wear pushup bras 1 size too big with so much padding they feel like tennis balls;wear tight Hollister t-shirts or "waffle" material henleys that always show cleavage;they always sport jeans that are light faded wash&so tight you can see the outline of their g-strings;wear light colored Sperrys;wear perfume that is sickeningly sweet(example-Cotton Candy Bubble Gum Icing)
Characteristics:Always surrounded by others of its kind,waffles calls their friends "bitch","betch","slut","ho","whore","skank" as terms of love;use the acronyms O.M.G.,G.T.F.O.,W.T.F.,S.T.F.U.,etc.;draw pictures with magic markers in huge bubble letters for their "bitches";never educated on fashion,music,world events,or culture(a waffle wouldn't know Christian Louboutin from Marc Jacobs);they like pop music&pretending they are badass for listening to it;they edit their pictures with hearts or mainstream song lyrics or "i luv my bf 4eva";waffles have phone covers that say things like "princess";Myspace profiles covered in neon&their about me's say"I HATE drama";they secretely all want to be Pussycat Dolls;they either date many boys for short periods of time or date one boy long term but may cheat on him or be cruel to him;they are always mean to other girls&thrive on non-physical fights;they also cry&whine
Guy:Oh man I was messing with this girl and her hoop earrings kept getting stuck in her frizzy hair and her glittery bronzer got all over my face and I want to throw up from her Cotton Candy Bubble Gum Icing perfume.

Other Guy:Dude,that's what happens when you get with waffles....
by Nolliemarie February 04, 2010
Top Definition
Like a pancake with syrup traps.
by Whitey October 05, 2003
To shit on someone's laptop keyboard, then close the screen on it.
I locked my computer so no one could meatspin me, but I got waffled instead.

I just peeled this piece of shit off my keyboard and it looks like a waffle.
by The Weatherman May 06, 2008
The best breakfast food EVAR
waffles > pancakes
by bob May 31, 2004
To talk unendingly, with no point to your conversation about totally idiotic things. Spamming on chat rooms is a case of waffling.
"You waffle something awful"
"What are you waffling about?"
by Andrew Kirkman January 12, 2006
The official morning after food. After sex, in place of akward silence, and before you hit the road. Like the Wonder Twins, they are often topped with lots of nummy substances. When you don't know what to say, simply suggest waffles.
Um, waffles?
by T. J. October 30, 2003
The solution to mass hysteria
If the puritains ate waffles there would have been no Salem witch trails.
by Juancho September 17, 2006
Something large and syrup covered. Sometimes can be shiny and distracting to steal own the gaze of any onlooking. Especially useful in awkward situations, arguments, or any other need for an excuse to stop conversation or change the subject.
Go on girl, shake a waffle at it!
by Jizzjizz December 18, 2010

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