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A trailer trash girl that trolls around one or more Waffle Houses and picks up whatever guy will go home with her. Often current or former employees of the Waffle House.Formerly known as Waffle House Slut and confused with Lot Lizard. Unlike the Waffle House Slut , which is typically mild mannered, the Waffle House Whore is a splash of white-trash-trailer park with a pinch of hood rat-ratchet served with a heaping helping of bat-shit-crazy.
Kayla is such a Waffle House Whore, she will take any guy home, as long as he tips her.
She was a waffle house whore when he brought her home and all she has done is prove me right.
I've never met a chick that worked at waffle house that wasn't a whore.
I ordered a coffee and got a hand job from that waffle house whore.
Kayla, that waffle house whore, is pretending to be her husband on facebook and causing drama for all his family and friends, while cheating on him with every tattooed guy that orders pie.
#whore #trashy #slut #booty #crazy #drama
by Kate Francabandera May 27, 2014
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