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A term of USAF origination used to describe the injury caused by a heavy steel grate at the top of the crew entry door ladder which gives access to the cockpit of military KC-135 aircraft. The grate serves as part of the cockpit floor when in the horizontal position and prevents falls through the crew entry door opening while the aircraft is on the ground. Crew members gain access to the aircraft by climbing a removable ladder about 15 feet and pushing the grate, which is hinged, vertical to a point where it is secured in the vertical position by a spring tension hook. When the spring has become weakened or a crew member is careless about ensuring that the grate is locked into position, the grate can fall back to the horizontal position... usually onto the head of the crew member who is attempting to advance into the aircraft. The "gridiron" construction of the grate produce wonderful waffle-like welts and/or lacerations on the head of the victim.
A1C Bolen: TSGT Calhoon got a mean wafflehead last night, found her passed-out by the nose gear, looks like she fell all the way down the crew entry chute.

SrA Riggs: Hope she's alright, I was hoping to get drunk enough to fuck her again this weekend.

A1C Bolen: Why get drunk? Give yourself a waffle head and you'd be ready to fuck the whole squadron.

SrA Riggs: (chuckle), Word...
by Jetlxix January 15, 2007
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A client that cannot make a useful decision. They do however make many decisions for decision sake. Often.

Waffles to the point of needing syrup.
Blue. Red. Blue. Red. BlueRedBlueRed. Peter is such a fucking wafflehead. He should go with purple and call it a day.
by cornbreadyankee April 05, 2006
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Some one addicted to codeine cough syrup,tussionex or hycodan. Come from the fact they often spill it on themselfs. IE: syrup on waffles. Older saying common to Pittsburgh.
Those waffle heads can get so sloppy at times. I had to put the lid back on David's and stick it in his pocket or it would be gone.
by John N Toxey February 18, 2008
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n.- a person with a head that when viewed from the side, is oval and elongated.
John F. Kerry has a waffle head.
by Andy Mack June 28, 2005
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John Kerry

Who else?

John Kerry:"Terrorism is the same as prostitution and gambling...a minor nuisance"
by Okay, Mr. Wafflehead !!!! October 12, 2004
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