A womans fanny
Ooh - Ive got an itchy waff!
by Tracey August 29, 2003
Top Definition
Translates to 'warm and fluffy fanfiction'. Not only for yaoi/yuri fanfictions, but any in which there is romance.
Usually doesn't go past the 'citrus' rating.
The fanfiction summary wanred that the fic would be full of waffy moments
by Sesshaface July 04, 2005
Warm And Fuzzy Feelings - a term used when referring to yaoi/yuri fanfics that are more sentimental and mushy romance than all-out fucking (see PWP)
WAFF stories never go far past the citrus rating.
by junkyard prince October 18, 2003
A bullshit story. Colloquial slang at Shrewsbury School.
"Last season skiing I did a triple back flip of this 10m kicker."

by jackwab November 30, 2012
(n.) a wand-sized staff, used primarily by people whose magical abilities fall in-between the general categories of fairy/wizard and sorcerer/mage.
Gordon did not have enough room in his suitcase to fit his sorcerer staff, and he wasn't enough of a sissy to use a wand, so instead he went to the corner-store and bought himself a brand new waff.
by Maxabillion January 20, 2010
What a fucking fail.

Used to describe something that is even more of a fail then an epic fail.
"That dude slipped over while attempting to do parkour"

by ImArizona August 22, 2009
What a fuck face. Used commonly on douche bags.
"dude did you see her reject that guy?" "Yeah bro, WAFF."
by DeeJmich August 08, 2009
(British slang) a term for a lady with a high degree of lascivity, oft stimulating lewd behaviour in males.
I'm looking for a nice bit of waff for the Christmas holiday.

by Johnd123 April 12, 2007
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