it means what u want it to.
your such a wafer.
do u want to wafer tonight
by Dara Singh October 05, 2003
not as l33t as kow.
i am playing like wafer.
man that guy looks like wafer
by Kow_Patt August 09, 2003
Snooty anorexic chicks that never top 100 pounds becuase they've been told that no fat chick has ever landed a successful man (one of the few truisms in life). But wafers never develop breasts. What the hell is the point of a woman without the breasts? You still hear them whine, you still put up with a week of irritability, you still get illogical crying, but you don't get the wonderful, wonderful tits.
Dude, she's a wafer... let's go find a REAL woman.
by Monkeypants March 12, 2005
Someone weak or apathetic. (inspired by Casey Jones)
What a wafer.
by August 17, 2003

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