Adjective. Being well-traveled or having been to many places.
Person 1: I'm going to Scotland tomorrow.
Person 2: Dude weren't you in France last summer
Person 1: yes and I'm going to Africa next year
Person 2: that's so wadge

Person 1: what part of the world would flying purple people eaters live?
person 2: I don't know, let's ask Johnny, he's pretty wadge.
by cestrie April 04, 2013
Top Definition
a great mass
i looked above me and saw a great wadge of rock jutting out...
by roland wadge July 26, 2003
Female bits
I like the wadge
by phread June 12, 2003
a small loosely compacted mass of material
Put a wadge of spinach (or bubble and squeak) on my plate.
by PdV March 15, 2004
Cramped, lacking in space. Invented as a short slang used among members of the Yakabakakas Massive to avoid sounding posh when talking about lack of space.
It's pretty wadge in here isn't it?
by Yakabakakas Massive November 07, 2006
A guys junk. As opposed to the female vag.
Oi mate, don't make me get my wadge out.
by JordoMugumbo May 27, 2007
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