A term that can be used anywhere to express joy, acceptance or like. To use wad properly, emphasis must be given to the "ad" sound in the word. Wad orrigionally evoled from the word rad but is so much more now.
*something happens* - "waaaaaddddddd"
"I like your shirt" "yeah its pretty wad"
by Jobbo April 13, 2008
abreviation for "weapon of ass destruction"
Damn, lookit dat ass. I'd like to whip out my W A D and blow a wad on her face.
by Angry Dragon September 05, 2003
Basically someone who is being a jerk at the moment.
"Man you're being a freaking wad today!"

"Have you seen Jimmy at all today? He's being a real wad recently."
by blue ferret June 05, 2015

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