weird arm disease- little red dots on the upper arms-- people sometimes pick them. they never go away
That guy was picking his wad all throughout class
by WAD FANATIC May 26, 2010
The act of having no arms or legs, only one main body mass with an inanimate object for an eye(s) and no teeth.
"Look at the Wad over there, her parents must hate to cart her around"
by Wadlover March 01, 2010
A synonym for penis.
Johnathan has a large wad.
by TriangleOfLaughs May 11, 2009
Short for what
wad the hey?!
wad are you doing?
by ShaolinIsaac December 22, 2008
Wesley Arts Douche
Alex: get out of the media studio this place is only for WAVs
James: dont you mean WADs
by WACjc June 02, 2010
Wannabe LAD. (in the sense of a guy aspiring to be a LAD in behaviour rather than for a woman to aspire to be male).
Rugby is such a LAD's sport. Shame about the WAD Rahul Patel on the bench though.
by WADully February 01, 2010
Acronym for "Window to Another Dimension". This describes the slot of a memory card reader where you insert the memory card.
I put my memory card into the WAD and was able view my pictures...of Pluto
by durkwast May 19, 2010
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