An abbreviation of without a doubt.
John: You want some of my bargain bucket don't you?
Kate: WAD.
by SmokeyBakes April 23, 2010
Short for "What a dog", originated in the Saisho world of wacraft guild, used as a greeting, insult or expression of boredom.
Bloody Jono, he wad on us again ! I'll never get the sun eater from heroic mechanar !
by badphotographer August 27, 2007
an abbreviation for without a doubt.
Reggie was the MVP of the game WAD.
by Alien Potatoe December 23, 2009
A man's ejaculation
I blew my wad on her face
I blew a wad in my pants after seeing that girl
by SomeRandomPerson111 May 05, 2009
weird arm disease- little red dots on the upper arms-- people sometimes pick them. they never go away
That guy was picking his wad all throughout class
by WAD FANATIC May 26, 2010
The act of having no arms or legs, only one main body mass with an inanimate object for an eye(s) and no teeth.
"Look at the Wad over there, her parents must hate to cart her around"
by Wadlover March 01, 2010
Another word for 'penis'. Commonly used as an insult.
Girl: "Ah I just spilled milk all over the floor'
Boy: "Haha you're such a wad!"

Girl 1: (sarcastically) "Nice skirt"
Girl 2: "Don't be a wad"

Boy: "I cheated on you.."
Girl: "Oh my god you wad!"
by maddddie93 October 02, 2009

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