Weapons of Ass Destruction. Most commonly referred to as a belt, a switch, a paddle, basically anything that causes intense pain on your gluteus maximus.
When I find that boy, I'm-a gonna use my WAD on 'em.
by JayMayKha501 January 05, 2012
a delicious brownie-like dessert invented, made, and named, by Glen in the movie "Accepted".
Glen: "look what i did"
Bartleby: "ugh! what are those?"
G: i call 'em GlenWads. they contain every delicious flavor in every single bite, try one"
B: "i'm not gunna lie to you, they look discusting."
G: "this shit will get you high on flavor alone"
Blonde Chick: "glen, i love your wads."


Hoyt: "what are you doing?"
Bartleby: "i'm eatin' a wad."
by capitan chevale December 08, 2007
WAD is an acronym for What would AMI DO!
Oh know its fucked up again! what should I do "I know what would Ami do" WAD
by beff234 September 07, 2011
"What a Dumbass"

Simply put... no background information needed.

-"Oh man, John jumped backwards off a cliff and landed on his chin!"


-"Do you like money?"

-"WAD question."

-He cheated on me with my best friend!

-Ugh, WAD punk!
by IXTaniaXI February 24, 2011
A W.A.D. is a Weak Ass Dude. A guy who walks around hanging onto his girl like she is gonna get stolen from him any minute. He eyes out anyone in the room who looks at his lady because he knows that anyone with a little confidence can steal her away. A confident guy lets anybody look at his girl because he knows she is going home with him. A W.A.D. puts on a tough guy look to make up for the pussy that he is.
Hey look at that W.A.D. that just walked in with that hot chick.
by Crash30 April 02, 2009
cum that is fired from a mans penis, after he either pleases himself or fucks another person.
oh my god, that wad was big, it went everywere!
by cort_09 October 08, 2007
A pathetically incorrect way of naming the "WASD" key system used to move around in PC games
Person 1: "Hey I just stopped using the arrow keys for WADS in WoW

Person 2: "It's WASD you fucking moron."
by linknpark247 January 06, 2007

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