A man who dates everyone in sight
Jess: "I just hooked up with Jamie the other day! Aren't we such a cute couple?"
Thomas: "Nah, don't date him. He's a wad. He's dating your mom, your cousin, and your sister."
by Whatevergurl July 10, 2015
acronym for "what a disgrace"...kinda says it all!
When a person doesn't live a tip after good service, I say: WAD (What A Disgrace!).

When you don't leave the big piece 'o chicken for your guest, I say WAD (What a Disgrace!).

When I see men wearing short, stained, T-Shirts with big beer guts sticking out...What do I say? WAD...What a disgrace!
by pattio November 12, 2010
White ass dick
Yo man this girl was going to suck my dick then I told her I had a W.A.D and then she slapped me and said hell no
by pimp daddy lil man August 02, 2009
n. a reference to the entire male genitals.

i.e(penis, testicles, foreskin, and scrotum)
David- "Hey, dude. Your wad's visible through those underwear
Trevor-"Oh thanks man. I didn't realize my wad could be seen"

Amy- "Eww.. Donn't touch your wad when you're on Omegle... smh."
by boast_theToaster September 30, 2014
To crash, eat shit, and figuratively die after a dangerous/crazy stunt. Usually leading to time spent in casts, wheelchairs, crutches, and/or hospitals for a long period of time. Commonly used by Travis Pastrana and Nitro Circus crew.
"You gonna go for it?"

Travis- "HELL NO!"

Travis- "I'm gonna try and win a medal before I go and wad myself!"
by BA-Delta4000 June 23, 2011
(n) a juicy, and delicious pinch or pouch of dipping tobacco. It can be Skoal, Longhorn, Copenhagen, ect., but most experienced "wadders" prefer Grizzly tobacco products. Career wadders may switch between brands but typically stay loyal to one brand. The typical wad consists of one fairly large pinch of longcut dip or two (2) pouches. A wad is most enjoyed early in the morning, at exactly 4:40 p.m., or late at night. A wad is also enjoyable after lunch or dinner because many veteran "wadders" believe it helps digest the food.
Cash, Con man, TC III, and I all enjoyed our typical 4:40 wad session.
by RiversideE109A December 26, 2009
Weapons of Ass Destruction. Most commonly referred to as a belt, a switch, a paddle, basically anything that causes intense pain on your gluteus maximus.
When I find that boy, I'm-a gonna use my WAD on 'em.
by JayMayKha501 January 05, 2012
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