Acronym for What a douche. Probably used in texting to refer to someone else, or in conversation to remain mostly polite. Like WTF, but more direct.
"So, did you hear that Frank decided to call that chick anyway after she told him off at the bar?"
"Yeah, I did, w.a.d."
by totalg33k October 21, 2013
Wads is short for "What a damn shame." If your a club and you go up to to someone and you get turned down you would say WADS. If go up to a keg at a party and it your turn to fill up your cup and realize there is none left... that would be a WADS moments.
Guy: What's up ma you want to roll with me
Girl: Hell no
Guy: Damn ma.. WADS
by lala185 July 22, 2013
alot of notes of cash money or loot ...a fat wallet or purse.
When he opened his wallet i thought gee he is rolling in it...he had wads of cash.
by munyuck October 12, 2008
Wednesday Afternoon Drinks.

The earlier version of or prelude to WND.

Probably the best of all AD's, because Wednesday is just a great day to go out drinking.
Best enjoying in moderation, having WND on a weekly basis is fine, a weekly WAD however will lead to serious brain damage.

Also be careful combining WAD with too many other AD's during the same week.

MAD, TAD, ThAD and FAD are fine, but WAD is best!
A: Are we going for WND today?

B: Why not make it a WAD for once?

A: I'm in!
by Milanifan January 20, 2011
A big piece of marijuana. Usually the size of the tip of a thumb or equivalent to one gram. Otherwise known as a nug.
Aye lemme get a wad.
20 Dollas a wad nigga.
by KKK-K April 16, 2013
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