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defamative nickname for michael jackson used by people who

- don't know him
- love tabloids
- never read court documents coz they’re too precise and long
- boost their self-esteem by offensive words and think they're creative
"Did you read 'The Sun's' coverage on wacko jacko?"
by i'm from February 18, 2008

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A stupid sick name for a great musical incon. He is bigger then Madonna and ELvis and SOld loads more records.
wacko jacko, is a freak!
by Dave M March 07, 2004
Nickname given to Michael Jackson by the media after stunts like dangling his infant over a balcony. This was preceded by many untrue stories that Michael Jackson himself leaked to the press, like sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber, or offering to buy the bones of the "elephant man". What he sought initially as a means to get attention spiraled out of control when the press started making up their own wacky stories.
Hey, who's that on the seventh floor balcony dangling that poor infant? Oh, it's wacko Jacko, again. Sure seems like he shouldn't be around children on many levels.
by MeDavebo September 29, 2014