To get fired or layed off from your job.
Did you hear? Debra got wacked today.
by Way More Awesomer March 08, 2008
A word used by an individual not well versed in urban lingo, intending to use the word "wack".
The douchebag at the bar grunted, "that shirt is so wacked".
by Pompadour Chubs September 24, 2009
Getting rejected by the popular crowd or worse, being rejected by the unpopular crowd as well, receiving the "nobody wants you here, GTFO" look, or even being told so face-to-face.
me: "ahh dude did you see Dominic get wacked today?"
Moe: "no, did he try asking out Beth Anne again?"
me: "i think so. haha, silly wack. r0flz0rz"
by patrick_is_sexy September 19, 2007
wicked. First coined by childerens TV presenters Ant and Dec.
"Ant and Dec were killed horribly? wacked!!"
by SiRuS January 04, 2004
Wacked is the new, better and crazier way of meaning wicked,

Created by the great Soph
Omfg, Soph is just Wacked!!!!!!
by adam dipple January 12, 2005
Man, was I wacked last night.
by whynot November 07, 2003
describes a fucked up situation or person
see Marc Fernandez
that guy is right wacked
by Marc Fernandez August 16, 2003
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