To be killed by the Mafia

To be really high on drugs

To get punched in the face
"Little Pauley was wacked last night by the mob I heard he turned snitch so they caught up with him for it"

"I had like 5 lines and I was wacked totally gone out of this world"

"Haha you got wacked in the face by big Mervin serves you right man I told you not to mess with him"
by Harry69 February 20, 2012
Top Definition
1. messed up
2. to be killed by the mafia in a hit
1. That kid is so wacked
2. I heard Mario got wacked last night while he was in his house.
by Jerry September 09, 2003
just plain crazy...and fun......out of this world......
she's wacked out..... I know I am......... nice
by ur best friend June 05, 2006
mafia term of "killed"
I heard Tony got "wacked" last night!
by Ryan September 08, 2003
when you've done a ton of coke and youyr talking more then jerry springer.
They where all wacked at cookies house last week. Loke cornered me and would not shut the fuck up.
by Vdux August 21, 2007
Slang term for when you're really high after smoking a considerable amount of weed.
Dude.. I'm so wacked right now
by Old Mate May 04, 2011
in some places means not going too lessons or just not going to school. Can also be spelt - waked, wacking it, wacked, wakked
1) you wacking it today?
2) deffinatley i hate math

1)i wacked biology yesterday im in shit!
by you'llneverknow__x July 15, 2008
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